Practice Areas

Our specialized practice focuses almost entirely on commercial law. To ensure efficiency and effectiveness, our commercial law practice is divided into Transactions, Regulatory & Compliance and Litigation & Dispute Resolution. Our strengths lie in the following areas;


1. Banking and Finance

We provide focused advice on all types of commercial banking and lending businesses. Our practice supports acquisition finance, banks, brokers, capital managers, insurance companies, leasing finance, project finance, registration of security documents, syndicated lending and trade finance. Our banking and finance practice combine with expertise in areas such as outsourcing , construction, private-public partnerships, infrastructure development and corporate finance.

2. Commercial and Corporate Finance

In this practice, we closely work with our clients to understand their goals and help them to mitigate their key risks while supporting them to negotiate transactions that advance and strengthen their interests. To this, we provide advice on branding and marketing, commercial negotiations, debt financing and restructuring, drafting commercial agreement, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

3. Labor and Employment

In this practice, we draft and negotiate employment contracts for both local and foreign personnel on behalf of employers.In line with the current labor laws, we advise and draft personnel policy documents to address disciplinary matters, trade union issues and general conduct of employees for all size employers. We also advice on employee pension plans, severance packages, separation agreement and retrenchment or downsizing programs.

4. Land and Property

From our beginning, land and property law has remained an important aspect of our diversified practice. We have provided our valued customers with quality of service in the areas of commercial leases, mortgages of land and commercial premises, title searches and title actions. Our well trained team of lawyers and staff will work hard to ensure that your transaction is free from any encumbrances.

5. Maritime

We are well versed in the area of maritime law. One of our partners undertook a graduate study in maritime law and has published a book on the Hamburg Rules and Carriage of Good by Sea. With our specialized knowledge, we offer advice on arrest of vessels, cargo claims, charter parties, maritime financing and a variety of other maritime disputes.

6. Technology and Telecommunication

We have expertise to offer on a broad range of issues such as licensing of technology, IP rights, information management, international data transfer, data protection, and technology contract..Our expertise also allows us to draft and negotiate contract such as technology transfer agreement and manufacturing agreements. In the area of telecommunication, we provide advice on telecommunication licensing and telecommunication regulation

7. Energy and Natural Resource Practice

Our practice in this area includes oil ad gas sector, water sector and carbon trading. In the oil and gas sector, we provide advice on data acquisition and use agreements, financing and securitization of oil and gas assets, master service agreement, strategic alliances, and assist with a wide range of issues relating to compliance, licensing and transportation. One of our partners has completed graduate studies in this sector from a renowned tertiary institution in the United Kingdom. He is currently exploring publishing houses to publish his book manuscript on the Oil and Gas sector in Ghana

In the water sector, we have immense experience in the public-private partnerships. We provide advice on management and lease agreements. One of our partners has written and published extensively in this area. We are in the advance stages of publishing a book on the politics and economics of water privatization in Ghana.

In the carbon trading area, we offer advice on locating suitable areas within Ghana for carbon offset trading. We also provide services in the area of negotiating and drafting carbon offset trading agreements.


1. Corporate Practice

In our practice, we serve companies from promotion to incorporation by providing advice about the type of corporation, shareholder structure and company regulation. We have served as General Counsel for companies and provided advice on the day to day corporate life. We also offer company secretarial services to help companies proactively deal with all aspects of corporate governance and other compliance issues.

In addition, our practice advice executives, directors, shareholders and institutional investors in commercial banks, financial institutions and public/private companies on board composition, compliance issues, directors fiduciary duties and other duties required by law.

2. Environment

Our environmental law practice deal with both contentious and non-contentious cases. This practice is designed to ultimately help our clients maintain their competitive edge. We now how to navigate the maze of environmental legislation and advise clients mainly in the extraction industry on compliance issues. We also conduct periodic environmental compliance audits and advice clients on strategies to deal with the communities in which they operate. One of our partners has obtained a graduate degree from one of the top notch universities in the United States in the practice area.

3. Immigration

We provide proactive advice to ensure that all your foreign employee are in compliance with local immigration laws. We provide advice on all aspects of Ghana immigration law and also assist our clients to apply for work and resident permit for their valued employees..

4. Intellectual Property

In this practice area, we work to help our clients proactively manage their intellectual property rights in Ghana. We have expertise in handling applications for trademarks and patents. We also offer support to deal with copy right, trade mark and patent audits especially in the areas of licensing, franchising and passing off. We have positioned ourselves to offer counsel to clients regarding their potential liability in the burgeoning online business in Ghana. In our intellectual property practice, our lawyers have expertise to deal with both contentious and non-contentious work.


In our Litigation & Dispute Resolution, we offer effective representation of clients in all courts and all dispute resolution forums in Ghana. We are guided by one principle in our practice; our clients are busy folks who do not care about the egos of lawyers who want to 'win' every case. Thus for us victory means obtaining favorable outcomes that allow our clients to do what they do best - peace of mind to pursue their business.

We cannot promise that we will obtain favorable outcomes in every matter. We promise however that no matter the size or level of complexity of your matter, we will give it our very best and we will employ every resource at our disposal to deal with your matter.