AB Lexmall & Associates


At AB Lexmall & Associates, we are committed to providing working conditions for highly motivated and brilliant associates to develop and grow. We recruit with the hope that each associate will work hard and demonstrate skill and character to become a partner at the firm. Thus we spend considerable resources to offer continued professional development for all our associates. Our commitment is based on the fact that our people remain the cornerstone of our success.

Our work is usually a team affair because experience has taught us that our teamwork approach enables us to pull our best resources together to offer our clients results they can count on. This approach means that our new hires are given the opportunity to be a part of real and substantive cases at an early stage of their career with us.

AB Lexmall & Associates offers a salary and benefits package that is highly competitive in the industry. We believe that innovation and hard work must always be rewarded. Thus, from the very first year of employment, new hires have the opportunity to earn annual bonuses based on their individual performance and the overall performance of the firm.

We invite law students in Ghana to be part of our internship program. We view this program as part of our contribution to the legal fraternity – to help prepare students adequately to practice law once they come out of school. Our interns are allowed to observe and with proper supervision participate in the substantive work we do for our clients, including client contact where appropriate.

This program is designed for law students and fresh lawyers abroad. We recognize that increased globalization has revolutionized the practice of law everywhere. Today there are more cross border legal practice with clients and interests from different jurisdiction that ever before in the history of law practice. The leading law firms of the world and many multinational corporations now put premium on lawyers who have international experience.  We take our summer associates seriously because we see them as our connection to the world and when needed, a valuable future resource in their area of expertise.

Our summer associates are given the same opportunities as our interns. However, this program does not only expose associates to legal practice in Ghana, but it is also an opportunity to explore the rich and mosaic culture of Ghana. We are currently a preferred law firm for law students at University of Georgia, USA who are interested in the Ghana legal system.

All applications should be addressed to the Office Manager and emailed to jobs@ablexmall.com