1. Commercial and Corporate Finance

In this practice, we work closely with our clients to understand their goals and help them to mitigate their key risks while supporting them to negotiate transactions that advance and strengthen their interests. To this, we provide advice on branding and marketing, commercial negotiations, debt financing and restructuring, drafting commercial agreement, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

2. Energy and Natural Resources Practice

Our expertise in this area includes the oil and gas sector, water sector and carbon trading. In the oil and gas sector, we provide advice on data acquisition and use agreements, financing, and securitization of oil and gas assets, master service agreements, strategic alliances, and assist with a wide range of issues relating to compliance, licensing and transportation. One of our partners has completed graduate studies in this sector from a renowned tertiary institution in the United Kingdom. He is currently exploring publishing houses to publish his book manuscript on the Oil and Gas sector in Ghana.

In the water sector, we have immense experience in public-private partnerships. We provide advice on management and lease agreements. One of our partners has written and published extensively in this area.

3. Labor and Employment

In this practice, we draft and negotiate employment contracts for both local and foreign personnel on behalf of employers. In line with current labor laws, we advise and draft personnel policy documents to address disciplinary matters, trade union issues, and the general conduct of employees for all-size employers. We offer advice on employee pension plans, severance packages, separation agreements and retrenchment or downsizing programs.

4. Land and Property

From our beginning, land and property law has remained an essential aspect of our diversified practice. We have provided our valued customers with quality service in the areas of commercial leases, mortgages of land and commercial premises, title searches and title actions. Our well-trained lawyers and staff will work hard to ensure that your transaction is free from any encumbrances.

5. Maritime

We are well versed in the area of maritime law. One of our partners undertook a graduate study in maritime law and has published a book on the Hamburg Rules and Carriage of Goods by Sea. With our specialized knowledge, we offer advice on arrest of vessels, cargo claims, charter parties, maritime financing and a variety of other maritime disputes.

6. Technology and Telecommunication

We have expertise to offer advice on a broad range of issues such as licensing of technology, IP rights, information management, international data transfer, data protection, and technology contract. Our expertise also allows us to draft and negotiate contracts such as technology transfer agreements and manufacturing agreements. In the telecommunication aspect, we provide advice on telecommunication licensing and telecommunication regulation.