1. Corporate Practice/Company Secretarial Work

In our practice, we serve companies from promotion to incorporation by providing advice about the type of corporation, shareholder structure, and company regulation. We have served as General Counsel for companies and provided advice on the day-to-day corporate life. We also offer company secretarial services to help companies proactively deal with all aspects of corporate governance and other compliance issues.
In addition, our practice advice executives, directors, shareholders and institutional investors in commercial banks, financial institutions and public/private companies on board composition, compliance issues, directors’ fiduciary duties and other duties required by law.

2. Environment

Our environmental law practice deals with both contentious and non-contentious cases. This practice originated, ultimately helping our clients maintain their competitive edge. We know how to navigate the maze of environmental legislations and advise clients mainly in the extractive industry on compliance issues. We also conduct periodic environmental compliance audits and advice clients on strategies to deal with the communities in which they operate. One of our partners has obtained a graduate degree from one of the top-notch universities in the United States in this practice area.

3. Immigration

We provide proactive advice to ensure that all your foreign employees comply with local immigration laws. We provide advice on all aspects of Ghana immigration law and assist our clients to apply for work and resident permits for their valued employees.

4. Intellectual Property

In this practice area, we work to help our clients proactively manage their intellectual property rights in Ghana. We have expertise in handling applications for trademarks and patents. We also offer support to deal with copyright, trade mark, and patent audits especially in the areas of licensing, franchising, and passing off. We have positioned ourselves to offer counsel to clients regarding their potential liability in the burgeoning online business in Ghana. In our intellectual property practice, our lawyers have expertise to deal with both contentious and non-contentious work.